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We in Chinmaya  Vidyalaya Vaduthala nurture a child’s natural inquisitiveness and creativity and channelize it into a learning process. Here his/her’s very entry is fun filled and creative.  Even when modern methods are experimented the emphasis is on the right balance between traditional and tried out educational methods.

Chinmaya Vision Programme is the thread that knits the whole system. The child’s spiritual development is important to help him go through life’s stressful moments.  Stories from epics, prayers that are suitable for their age etc are slowly introduced.

Values are incorporated, simple steps towards socializing, good manners that will lay the foundation for better relationships and mingling with others are also taught.

Patriotism, love towards the country etc. are instilled even at this tender age beginning with learning to respect the national flag and singing the National Anthem.

Each topic or theme is introduced in different ways enabling all kinds of learners- Auditory learners can learn through songs, orals and different rhymes, stories etc. Visual learners are helped mainly through smart board teaching, videos, charts, flash cards etc. Kinesthetic learners learn through puzzles and with help from the Activity room.

With the arrival of the Smart Board there is literally a revolution in K.G class rooms. Gone are the days of only blackboard writing. Children welcome the world of colours, joyful rhymes and writings on the white screen.

Children discover the ability to create and perform to the visual arts, music, dance and drama. They get chances to show off their various talents through Talent Day, Christmas day celebrations and Annual Day.

Theme based learning is included to help reinforce concepts.

Lessons are planned well ahead with the help of split syllabus and every day after class teachers sit and plan for the next day. A typical day starts with settling down time, theme time where the theme of the day / week is introduced with the help of oral discussions, smart boards, charts, books, pictures, flash cards etc. Circle time where the children get turns to speak with the help of the class puppet to hold in their hands, help them to overcome shyness and speak confidently. Outdoor activity , math, language , imitating etc come in turns. All the above are done and reinforcing happens in a funfilled way in the Activity room.

The Activity room is a place where the children love to go and learn with beads, puzzles, puppets, blocks, sound boxes, lacing boards, building blocks, games, story books etc.

Obstacle courses help the children develop their physical ability and agility.

Various craft activities like paper tearing, sticking, printing, painting, collage, play dough help to develop their creativity.

Alphabet introduction is done through the phonic methods and this helps them to read smartly. Sight words also play a major role. They help children to read with ease, improve their vocabulary and communicate in English.

The curriculum is supported by the ‘Next’ set of educational books and system on the smart board, with three books for three terms including an activity book related to alphabet and numbers, English , Maths and EVS, Stories and rhymes.

Learning happens in an experimental way enabling children to understand the concepts by doing themselves.

Our curriculum is child centric focusing on all domains of development, cognitive, physical, creative, social and emotional.

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