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Indoor Gymnasium

Biology Lab


Biology is a science that requires hands on training, all the facilities for practical learning is provided in our well-equipped Biology lab. The modern lab provides a stimulating learning ambience. The senior class students are guided to do research on life science by experienced teachers. Practical learning is undertaken meticulously under proficient teachers.

Chemistry Lab


The well-equipped Chemistry lab can accommodate more than 25 students at a time for the lab sessions. The lab caters to students from 9th standard to 12th standard. Projects and experimental research are conducted in the lab by the students under the guidance of the teachers. This helps to inculcate inquisitiveness and also promotes the research attitude of the students. The students are made to do experiments individually so as to improve their experimental skills. All the apparatus including Kipps’s apparatus, electronic balance etc are available in the lab.

Physics Lab


Physics lab of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala, a platform for students to gain practical knowledge and experience, provides immense opportunities for students to explore various applications of the theoretical knowledge. It is a well-equipped laboratory which caters to the requirements of higher secondary and senior secondary classes. The lab follows a productive lab schedule to ensure better work experience. Our dedicated faculty provides guidance & support to the students, focusing on the scope of project and the extended work. The students of middle school also get an opportunity to use the lab for doing various interesting activities. Our lab has efficient lab assistant who is helpful for both the teachers and the students. Easy individualized access to lab apparatus, uninterrupted service of lab assistants and frequent safety checks to the lab equipment are some of the other salient features of the Physics lab

Maths Lab


The Mathematics laboratory is a place where children can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. At Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala, the Maths lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover and learn mathematics through doing. Here we have a collection of games, puzzles and other teaching and learning materials. It is used by both students and teachers to explore and develop an interest in Mathematics. The activities are done both in Maths Lab and in Classrooms to give children an experience of doing Mathematics.

List of Hands-on Mathematics activities done in Maths Lab and in Classroom this year

Class I
To identify 2D shapes and organise them to form meaningful objects.
Materials used
Shape Kit (Squares, Circles, Triangles and Rectangles)

Class II
Writing three digit numbers in ascending and descending order.
Materials used
Cards with numbers on it.

Class V
Collecting pictures of monuments in India and to check whether they are symmetrical or not.

Class VI
Sieve of Eratosthenes – To find prime numbers between 1 and 100 by using Ruler,  Pencil, Compass and Protractor

Class VIII
To find the angle, sum, property of a quadrilateral by using Ruler, Pencil, Compass and Protractor.

Class IX
Activity to learn Square roots. – Square root Spiral.
Materials used
Compass, Protractor, Scale and pencil.

Class X
Construction of Clinometer and studying its usage.
Applications of trigonometric equations are done while doing the activity.

Computer Labs


The school has a main lab and an IT lab. Both the labs have state of the art facilities. The school provides unlimited access of computers, strictly monitored by teachers. The two labs provide expert training in imparting computer skills enabling the students to gain mastery of the essential computing skills such as word processing, database management and statistical analysis.



Time to time refurbishing and restocking is done to update and upgrade the library contents. The school is highly committed to its investment in printed books, digital reading devices and other e-book resources. The spacious library has a very intellectually stimulating ambience for doing research and reading. It also has access to IT facilities. The innovative designing of the library provides the students a quiet and serene atmosphere for creative pursuits. There are regular book fairs organised by leading Publishing houses held in the school that helps to inculcate reading habits in the young and the senior students alike. In the meetings conducted by the Library Council, the librarian discusses with the students book recommendations, Newspapers, Periodicals, Journals and Reference books. The Quiz Club of the school monitored by the Librarian enjoys a high reputation as it has been able to train a large number of quiz aficionados to climb to top notch positions in Quiz competitions conducted at the state and national levels. We have the largest number of magazines and periodicals subcribed for the benefit of the students compared to other educational institutions in the city.

The library has for its aims the following:

  • Upholding the educational aims of the school by providing opportunities for independent learning.
  • Encouraging the research aptitude of the students.
  • Enhance the curricular experiences of the students giving guidance and resource materials.
  • Arranging workshops, seminars and talks by writers.

 The Book week celebrations add colour and life to the school’s activities as it is all about innovations and creative expressions. Almost all the students of the primary section participate in the fiction parade that heralds the beginning of the grand Book Week Fest. The glitterati from the world of letters are led out in a procession through the corridors of the school to light up the imagination of the students who are transfixed by the power of pen that can knock off in an instant all digital addictions of the new generation.

Primary Library


The library for the primary section houses a good number f interesting story books and fairy tales to add colour to the imagination of the little ones.

Digital library


The school has a good collection of books in the library which is fully digitalized. Students have access to story books and reference books in all subjects. The library is also a venue for Quiz activities.

Smart Class


All the classes right from LKG to Std XII are fully digitalised. The TeachNext smart classes set up in the classrooms is a bold move taken by the school management that has helped to revolutionize the teaching learning process. Next Education’s award winning Optimal Digital Classroom Solution is employed effectively by all teachers who are given expert training frequently to update their technical skills. The digital content is created to suit the interests of all the learners. The smart class installed in our classrooms have all the facilities of a world-class digital classroom. The content is very comprehensive, engaging and is customised to meet the needs of the Indian students. The TeachNext Studio has very effective tools that enhance the teaching learning process multifold. The Interactive exercises help the students to reinforce the concepts taught in the class. The cutting edge technology and the state of the art classrooms surely set the school on par with high end global classrooms.



All our buses provide safe and convenient transportation at a very reasonable cost. Safe commute of the students is one of the major concerns of every parent. We at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala address this matter with great sensitivity. Apart from providing safety, the daily rides in the bus are an opportunity to make lasting bonds through fun filled talks as well as serious discussions related to studies and also current happenings. All the details related to the student’s daily to and fro commute are collected by the class teachers and also entered in the school diary.



The green room has good storage facilities, ample space and is very well ventilated. In the auditorium, Yoga sessions are conducted for students of Std X and XII before the start of the regular classes to help them keep calm in the stressed up years of public examinations.
The well-equipped Auditorium has the right ambience where students can put up their plays and performances with the best acoustics and light system.

KG Auditorium


KG Auditorium  is also a safe and inspiring play area for the little ones. The innovative activities conducted by the teachers in this space supports learning and improves the social skills of the tiny tots. Some scientifically designed outdoor play equipment also find a place in this much loved space.

Yoga Hall


The spacious yoga hall serves as an important area for calm meditative sessions and yogic exercises.

Resource room


Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala has a fully equipped Resource room with 3 professionally qualified special Educators/ Counsellors to provide expert assistance to the students with special educators teach them skills and strategies through specialized instruction to enable them to cope with their learning and behavioural problems. The children who are identified with learning disabilities are assessed and supported effectively in the Resource room, according to their learning style viz., auditory, visual, kinaesthetic etc. The concept of multiple intelligences is explored and applied thoroughly to help the children tide over learning problems. An individualised Education plan is outlined for each student to meet his/her specific needs. Special strategies as well as individual attention are incorporated to enable them to write examinations and assessments in the best possible manner. Case studies recorded by the teachers vouch for early return of the children to mainstream when timely intervention is made.

Activity Room


“The Happening place” craft and home science classes are conducted here. Tastefully decorated and aesthetically designed, this room attracts many children who are passionated about learning embroidery, fabric painting, tie and dye, Warli painting, glass painting etc., Those who are keen on honing their culinary skills also find the activity room a very interesting place.

Art room


The art room adjacent to the canteen is a beehive of activities. VCutouts, placards and props of performers are artistically created by the art master for vrious competitions. This enhances the imagination power of the art buffs.



Our Sprawling campus has a basket ball court and a spacious playground. The parking space is marked out distinctly to facilitate easy entry and exit of vehicles. The play areas for KG Students has exciting and fun filled play units for recreational and outdoor activities.

Play Ground


Information on this page is being updated please visit this site again

Sports Facilities


Sports is an indispensable part of school curriculum. We have facilities for indoor as well as outdoor. We have a standard football court with 200m  Track, Basketball and volleyball courts, Indoor Table Tennis and badminton court, specific yoga area. More over we maintained a beautiful gym. Our vision in sports is children who actively participating in sports from the young age so we provide special coaching for their chosen areas from 3rd onwards. We appointed the dynamic and determined facility for the following events. Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, table tennis, Yoga and Kalari. Our school teams brought so many glories to the school from different level of competitions. 



The Canteen was renovated this year and the extended space accommodates more number of students. The Students’ council took up the innovative project of beautifying the walls of the canteen hall by displaying their artistic talents aesthetically. Times to time modifications are brought in to provide the variety in the canteen menu. The mess committee works diligently to give useful feedback and suggestions in the content of the menu offered in the canteen. Cleanliness of the highest standards is maintained in the canteen which is frequently inspected by the authorities so that there is no compromise regarding the nutrient value of the food cooked and also in matters of neatness and hygiene observed by the canteen staff.

Information Centre

To provide fairly basic information about the school, classes and admission procedures, acting more as the entry way.

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